My Week In Some Words 34

News: It has been one hell of a week for me. From working overnights to not getting enough sleep. My brain is fried! 

Plans: I am actually planning my 25th birthday! How crazy is that?! I am turning 25! Where did all the time go? Sometimes I sit down and ask myself am I accomplishing everything I set my heart out on? This year has been an amazing year for me and I hoping that next year brings nothing but positive energy my way. 

Shopping: Did some ' Black Friday ' & ' Cyber Monday ' shopping and let me just say those deals were amazing! Everything I got will be coming up on the blog soon so stay tuned! I can honestly say I have been leaning more towards graphic tee's, skinny jeans, and blazers as my Fall looks and I couldn't be happier. Such a simple look but still chic! The amount of graphic tee's I have piled up right now. I think I could open my own store haha. 

Watched: Was never one for watching TV this is why I didn't have cable cause then I could watch everything on Netflix. Now that I have xfinity tv I don't think I will ever go back. There are movies on xfinity tv that aren't on Netflix and vice versa and the best thing it it's only 4cents for a whole year! WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL!

Song Of The Week

A Lie by B1A4

Video Of The Week:

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