10 Ways To Lift Your Mood In January

Everyone always goes through funks, and I am no exception. So, I came up with a list of ways to lift your mood for the New Year ( you can also do this monthly if you want ).

1. Try not to overthink. 

I am super guilty of this and whenever I do this I tend to have panic attacks, which are never fun.

2. Book some travel time. 

A change of scenery is always a good thing ( NYC counts ). This is a great way to spark creativity.

3. Work Out

This is one activity I haven't had a chance to do since the year started, but for some reason I am losing weight, possibly due to eating healthier.

4. Enjoy your food.

I am a sucker for this. As a blogger even though I try to snap some pictures of my food, I honestly just want to eat it instead. ( Ps I love chocolate ).

5. Interact. 

Make plans to see your friends often. Yes, you are all adults with busy lives, but make sure to plan some time away to hang out with them.

6. Pamper yourself. 

Baths, Candles, Mani/Pedi's etc.

7. Mini projects. 

Throw yourself into some home projects. Spring cleaning, clean out your wardrobe, revamp your wardrobe etc.

8. Films or Television. 

I have been binge watching ' The Big Bang Theory ' for the dry humor, of course.

9. Treat yourself. 

Anything from a new top, flowers or even a new book are just a few ways to treat yourself.

10. Look out for others. 

Sometimes it is good to take the attention off of yourself and turn it toward someone else. Think about ways that you can help them.

I hope that this helps you guys become happier individuals.



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