2016 Best Nine

Holy crap we are officially in 2017!!!! This is seriously insane! Counting down to the New Year I was flipping out because in 14 days it is my birthday! I still don't know what I am going to be doing for m birthday BUT when it doubt I can always take a trip to New York City. The other night I had the opportunity to sit down and have a conversation with someone I haven't seen in years and he gave me some insight at what I wanted to gain from blogging. No one has ever taken the time out to sit down with me and ask me what I wanted to gain from blogging. The question took me by surprise and I found myself stumbling around with the words to answer him.

What did I look to gain from blogging?

Why have I kept up with it all this time?

Did you guys take a step back to ask yourselves what you were looking to gain from blogging? My end goal became apparent after I took the time think about it. Should I share it with you guys or should I reveal it later on? I personally think that I should reveal it to you guys later on. Keep a bit of a mystery going on.

So, here is a picture from Instagram that showed me the most liked/viewed photos from 2016! Gives me a general idea of what you guys like seeing on my Instagram. Hopefully this year will be filled with more coffee dates, blogger meetups, events and adventures. Travel is big on my list this year. I refuse to keep putting it off.

Can't wait to share my 2017 adventures with you guys!

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