24 Things Being 24 Taught Me

I am writing out this post before my epic 25th birthday, which I'm still somewhat fuzzy on what I want to do. All I know is it involves stirring up some trouble in the Big Apple. For those of you who don't know where that magical place is....it is none other than New York City! I have decided to write out ' 24 Things I Learned Whilst Being 24 ' in a sense. The ups and downs of a troubling age where you are stuck between a rock and a hard place. 

1. We are all just HUMAN beings

2. DON'T believe everything you hear

3. Always look your best 

4. Set goals for yourself and try to accomplish them

5. Easy jobs aren't necessarily a good thing

6. Make shit happen

7. Every single person has insecurities 

8. Time Management 

9. Learn how to say "No"

10. You're getting too old for high school based drama 

11. Let things go

12. Budgeting & Being an Adult

13. Don't rely too heavily on technology 
( I am such a hypocrite for saying this because my whole life and job depends on this

14. It's okay to cry 

15. Embrace the body that God gave you

16. Patience is key

17. Travel and de-stress

18. Small things matter

19. Music is life 
( it doesn't matter what kind of music you listen too

20. You are your own person

21. Laugh at the small things 
( sometimes it's better than wine & coffee

22. Don't rush to grow up 
( why would you WANT to pay bills? )

23. Only you can change the outlook on your life
( but if you need help, reach out to someone you know will help you

24. Build a fort and watch kid movies on your laptop
( you are never old enough to have kid moments --- bring on Lion King

Well guys, there you have it. What being 24 has taught me so far and hopefully 25 will be an amazing age with more lessons to learn. Luckily my birthday falls on the first of the month so I have the entire year to figure what the age 25 has to teach me. Maybe I will rent a car and go on an epic road trip. Nah, now that I think about it, I hate sitting for a long period of time without moving. Unless I am asleep. 

Bring on the New Year and all the crazy adventures along with it! I am excited to take you guys along for another ride!



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