Birthday Recap

Korea Town, New York, NY, USA

I am beyond happy that I got to celebrate my birthday with positive people. It was a pleasant way to bring in turning the big 25!

* Moment of silence to the death of my 24 year old self

Even though not much has changed ( except my mentality ). I think I have really come into that not taking shit from anyone kind of mentality now. On top of that, with the end of my 24 year old self, I decided to cut more people out of my life and start focusing solely on me. 

Side note : I want to thank everyone that wished me a Happy Birthday. I sincerely appreciated it from the bottom of my heart! 

So, since my birthday fell on a Sunday this year ( how depressing ), I actually started my birthday celebrations on Saturday. I decided to take a random trip ( not really, as I have been itching to go back ) to New York City to hangout with my babes Ingrid, who just also happens to be a blogger! You can check out her blog and her style here

7 am bus rides are not fun for anyone. Why? The seats are uncomfortable, there are people talking when in reality they should be asleep like the rest of us, and the worst part of it was the fact that I had forgotten my headphones at home so I couldn't even listen to music. My morning wasn't the best, but I knew once I arrived in New York my whole mood would change. There is something about the concrete jungle that makes me feel alive and dare I say that I enjoy a lot. The bus arrived in New York around 12 pm and I couldn't fight the hunger demon that kept sending me war cries of to be fed. My friend Ingrid suggested this Korean Restaurant called 5 Senses and let me tell you, it was worth the wait. I can see now why that place is always busy. The last time I visited NYC, I went to a Korean Restaurant called Kunjip and had possibly the best Rabbokki in the entire world and this is coming from someone who has eaten a lot of Korean food. But this time we had Kimchi Bokumbap, Bibimbap and Ddobbokki and it was soooooo good! Kudos 5 Senses, kudos! I will definitely be returning on my next visit. 

After filling our bellies with delicious food it was time to shoot some looks. For some reason Ingrid and I couldn't take proper photos. We were too busy laughing so much! Not to mention the random ass snow that started coming down as we were taking them, which would have been fine if the wind wasn't trying to slap the shit out of our faces. We eventually gave up on the photos and decided it was time to do what we bloggers do best ( women as well ): SHOPPING! First stop was Forever 21. I cannot resist a F21 even if I work for the company right now. After F21 of course, I had to stop into two of my all time favorite stores: H&M and Zara! H&M is currently have a buy 2 get 1 free sale and even though it's not as good as F21's buy 1 get 1 free, I have to be real by saying that H&M is more my style. I did find some amazing goodies from there as usual and of course I got some amazing goodies from Zara! One of the best things about NYC is the fact that they don't charge tax on clothing. I MEAN COME THE HELL ON! 

After doing some shopping I wanted to do some karaoke, which was extra fun with Ingrid. She loves K-pop just as much as I do and we had a blast singing some K-pop songs. We sang a little Dean, Zico, Shannon Williams, Mamamoo, Crush, Taeyang etc. It sucks that the scoring machine was broken cause it would have been even funnier seeing our scores at the end. I wonder if she is still humming Mamamoo's Decalcomanie. 

When our time was over at the karaoke bar, we went to this amazing Korean Cafe and we had so much dessert and OH MY GOD! It was so good that I could barely keep my eyes open. 

Overall my birthday trip to NYC was so much fun that I really cannot wait to go back again. 

Who is else is going to Fashion Week next month?!



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