I have been getting a crazy amount of views for my Blogger insight blog posts! Wow! Thank you guys so much! Now I know what you guys want to see on the blog! With that being said, I wanted to share some more blogging tips for those of you who want to start blogging, but don't know where to start. If you are already a blogger and really want to up your game this year, this post is for you! So sit back, relax, grab a glass of wine, and let's get started. 

Step 1 - Know your niche and topic inside-out

This step is really all about knowing your blog's voice. What do I mean by voice? Well by 'voice' I mean that you know who you are writing for and what your reader's questions are.

If you chose to write about random interests then you are building a hobby, not a professional blog. 

It's fine to branch out from your original topic and include something a little different every now and again. However, it's more effective if that branch is closely related with the theme of your usual topic.

Step 2 - Organize to shoot images to go along with the blog post

The images that you use for your blog posts should be an extension of your voice.

They should be very engaging in the same way and tell a story with the same mood that you are aiming for. This also means that your photos should be consistent.

Organizing which shots to take, where to shoot them & when are all important steps.

If you rush an image, you will regret it later. Trust me when I say this: images, once online, stay there ( forever ).

When you are shooting clothing, make sure to try on the outfits, and snap a picture in your mirror. This way you can emphasize and add extra details to keep the drama interesting.

*Step 3 - Draft your post, edit your images & upload photos

When writing your posts, it is important to keep your SEO in mind but also try to write it in an engaging way.

Whenever I am writing my posts, I tend to start with some keywords and phrases and build a copy of my post around them.

When uploading photos, it is important to take the time to name the files correctly and enter alternative text & descriptions.

I find this task so boring but SEO is important to do, so please make sure you don't skip that step!

Step 4 - Schedule

Every blog post I schedule, I make use of a scheduling app to help incorporate it into my social media.

Step 5 - Publish & Engage

Throughout the week I schedule time to read and engage with other blogs and instagram ).

Outside of my blog, I am always engaging with my readers ( I do respond to emails ) on the various social media apps that I use.

I mainly use Instagram and tumblr for some odd reason. I find that each platform that I use has a slightly different audience, so trust me when I say it is important to keep up with them.

Why is this such an important step? Well it's also good to engage with other bloggers as well. Make use of the blogging community by communicating with its members.

To clarify, you should not comment on other blogs just to gain followers or traffic to your blog or social media.

I despise those bloggers who follow you, comment on your content and when you follow them back, they unfollow you. What is the point in going through all of that work if you're just going to unfollow the person?

A successful blog post should not be defined by a heap of comments underneath it. The majority of your readers do not even bother setting up an account to comment with. If you leave genuine comments on other blogs without the intention being traffic then, my dears, you should consider that a bonus!

Step 6 - Review & Re-share

After a post has gone live, I schedule time to go back and review the post. What that means is that you need to make sure that the links are up to date and the information is still relevant.

Even though I am still going back and re-adding all of my old photos from when I switched from Wordpress to Blogger, I then re-share the old content on Instagram to make sure that the content is still being read.

* All images were taken off Tumblr * 

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