My Favourite Editing Apps

My Instagram photos have definitely transformed over this past year. When I first started, I overused filters, frames and those damn bokeh effects that I swear everyone and their Mum was obsessed with at the time. What the hell was I thinking? I never truly liked any of those filters. I was just doing it cause everyone else was doing it. Some of those photos are still on my Instagram page ( I have been deleting them slowly ). I seriously need to get rid of them and start fresh.

The photo editing apps that I have been using lately are VSCO Cam, Snapseed, and if I don't have to do much editing then I always just end up using Instagram for some light editing.

In the next blog post, I will share how I edit my Instagram photos. I am no pro at this but I am hoping that my tips help!



PS: I also use this app called PreviewGrid which helps me look at my entire Instagram as a whole and create an aesthetic feed!

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