10 Shopping Tips Everyone Should Know

Maryland, USA

Tip #1: Plan out which stores you are going to hit up ahead of time. 

Tip #2: Splurge only on investment pieces and save on the trends. Why? Cause trends come and go. 

Tip #3: Ask the sales associates if they carry what you are looking for. 1) It'll save you time & 2) You don't have to do the dirty work of combing racks.

Tip #4: Which I am completely guilty of. Don't buy it just because it's on SALE

Tip #5: Buy clothing to fit the body that you currently have. 

Tip #6: Go shopping with the right friend or friends. 

Tip #7: Make sure you already own 3 pieces in your wardrobe you can style your new item with. 

Tip #8: Find a personal stylist. For my job, I offer my personal shopping services all the time. 

Tip #9: Only buy what you LOVE, what makes you feel comfortable and like a goddess in. 

Tip #10: Know the return policy. Keep the tags until you wear the item & PLEASE keep the receipt! 

Would you like a bonus tip?

Bonus Tip: If you ask a sales associate when they will be doing markdowns then you can go in and purchase your size whilst it's available! 

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