Photoshoot With Crystal Brooks!

Washington, DC, USA

I'd like to introduce everyone to a local DC photographer that I had the pleasure of shooting with recently. I have truly never been so comfortable in-front of a camera before. Whenever I shoot with my photographer, I am somewhat tense in my attempts to be poised and perfect in front of him. However, shooting with Crystal put me at ease and I was able to be myself. Which, by the way, I am a giant goofball. 

We met up at the Kennedy Center and the aesthetics blew me away. It was my first time visiting and returning to shoot there is definitely on my to-do list. The scenery was beautiful and marble, every blogger's dream, was a common theme!  Plus, the simpler the background, the easier it is for me to edit. 

I cannot wait to shoot with Crystal again and share some of her amazing work. You can check out her blog and portfolio here



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