The Parka

Washington, DC, USA

My very first Parka! Hear me out. I was never one for Parkas. I never saw the beauty in them. Plus, everyone had one and I wanted to be different. Well, I came across this one at F21 and you wouldn't believe me when I say this bad boy was a whopping $9! The original price was about $60! 

* Pausing for dramatic effect! *

I couldn't pass up a deal like that. Plus I honestly thought with the weather getting warmer, I didn't have to pull out this beauty until the end of the year. Boy was I wrong. The following week when the temperature dropped to 20 degrees after we were having beautiful 60-70 degree weather was depressing. I found myself discarding ( I was putting away my winter clothing at this point ) my normal winter coats for this Parka. Was it worth the hype? Would it really keep me warm? To answer my own questions: yes! This Parka was worth it and more! I didn't have to bundle up like I usually do in my other coats & the hood was obviously another added bonus. 

I have been wearing my Parka whenever there is a dramatic dip in the weather and today was one of those days. Le boyfriend and I decided to embark on a date day ( cause at night would have been like 8 degrees and I would rather be at home. ) to eat some delicious food and see Logan. Which by the way I recommend watching because it was SUCH AN AMAZING MOVIE! 

Styling my Parka with a pair of dramatic Flared Denim, a Plaid Shirt ( there are graphics on the back that I will show in another post ) & a blazer made it feel like a causal date day. Which it was. I opted for a beanie for the cold weather over a Fedora because it was extremely windy and I thought I was going to fly away. LOL. 



Parka: F21 | Plaid Shirt: F21 | Blazer: H&M | Denim: H&M | Shoes: Adidas | Beanie: Wetseal | Belt: Yoins | Sunnies: AE

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