Trying Something New -- Bonchon

Washington, DC, USA

Hello all! 

I will be adding food to the blog. I am no where close to being a food blogger BUT I do eat a lot of delicious food, so why not share the top go to spots in DC with you guys!! So, one of the first places that I wanted to introduce some of you guys too ( even though I am pretty sure these are everywhere.. ) is BONCHON! Which is a Korean Fried Chicken Restaurant! 

I have always passed by but never entered one until yesterday with my friend Sylvia. I think our eyes were bigger than our bellies because we ordered a bunch of food that was well worth it because everything was so good!

We ordered Tteokbokki, Fried Chicken, Japchae, Takoyaki, Steamed Rice & Coleslaw. Trust me when I say it was beyond amazing!

I will get better at snapping photos of my food. Until then Enjoy these delicious food photos!



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