Caribbean Style & Culture Fashion Show

Washington, DC, USA

Hello Lovelies!
As you all know I am constantly dipping my toes into different projects to become well rounded. Well more so if I got thrown into a project I will have the experience already. Which isn't s bad thing at all. For example when I worked with Taye Diggs. I didn't know anything about the African Culture & how they wear their garments but now I have that experience under my belt & I feel confident enough if I get thrown in that kind of situation again I will be prepared. 
I can say the same about this Fashion Show that I am helping with. I have never worked a Caribbean Fashion Show before. I think it's going to be an amazing experience to have & also to add to my portfolio. I guess you can say I am more like super exciting!
So, I wanted to write this post & share with you one out of the 12 designers from the show. By the way the show is June 17th at 7pm. I will attach the flyer for the show down below which contains all of the information you guys need. 
Andrew Harris New York a luxury cruise casual menswear brand which embodies a variety of outstanding characteristics such as quality, comfort and a sense of timelessness. The glamour of the ready-to-wear line steams from innovative designs of classic shapes resulting in looks with a decisively contemporary twist. Top quality materials are selected, traditional techniques are used and an infinite attention is given to details offering a celebrated interpretation of stylishness.
MISSION: We are a new generation brand with a mission clear as we are empowered to continue the evolution of men’s fashion. Our company prides itself in producing clothing that fits well, attention is paid to the smallest detail; and comfort is second nature with a relaxed feel and luxe sustainability. Truly, our goal has always been to exceed the expectations and meet the lifestyle needs of our diverse customer base.
Andrew Harris’s Spring Collection is Influenced by a unique blend of Caribbean and pop culture. Andrew creates inventive casual wear with a distinct sporty edge, focusing on structure and classic silhouette.

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