모두 안녕하세요!


(Hello Everyone!)


I think back to the beginning of my blogging days when I typed out my blog posts in Korean as well. To be honest, I kind of miss those days. It was one way for me to definitively stand out in the blogging world. For me, my end goal is to work for a Fashion Magazine in Seoul. I belive this is going to happen a lot sooner rather than later. I have been working my ass off to build my portfolio & networking like no other to make it happen. I refuse to sit and watch my life pass me by.


I bought this denim jacket on sale & let me just say at first I was a little hesitant because I didn't want to dish out the $35 that Forever 21 was asking for it. I loved it, but not that much. Something told me to see whether it was on sale and to my surprise it was for just $10! Definitely couldn't resist and allow someone else to get it. So, I guess I was happy with my purchase.


다시 한국어로 글을 써야 하나?


(Should I start writing in Korean again?)


Denim Jacket: F21

Tee: F21

Pencil Skirt: F21

Fishnets: F21

Fedora: F21

Sneakers: Adidas

Tote: F21

Sunnies: Gifted

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