Striped Grey Blazer ft Tobi

Hello beautiful people!

Remember in my last post I said I was going to be sharing something extremely personal with you? I decided that I am going to share that for another time. I know a few of you were really expecting that post but trust me when I say that it is currently in the works as we speak. So, do not fret my lovelies. You shall read it soon.

This blog post is actually about a brand called Tobi. I have actually heard about them before but I didn't really give it a second look over. But then something crazy happened. They reached to me & asked me to style a few items from their website. At first honestly I thought it was a prank like maybe  someone was out to pull a fast one on me. But that wasn't the case. So, of course I was happy to pick a few pieces to style.

The first piece I picked was this super cute ( perfect for Summer ) White Bodysuit with a few little tears around the neckline. Don't worry I will be posting the link below for you guys to shop to your little hearts content. Since were currently still in Spring & the weather has been complete shit lately ( one day 50 degrees the next day 80 degrees ). I decided to pair the bodysuit with a Striped White & Grey Blazer, a pair of basic Black Skinny Jeans & my signature Fedora which you guys shouldn't be surprise seeing anymore. Although maybe a few posts without a Fedora just to shake things up on you guys.

I will be styling this bodysuit again. Who knows maybe before the Summer even starts. I am also excited to be styling the other pieces from Tobi. I have  feeling that you guys are going to love them.

You guys can find this amazing bodysuit right here!



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