How To Find Your Personal Style

Washington, DC, USA

I can definitely say as a girl growing up ( I am pretty sure we ALL had this issue ) I struggled to find my personal style. We all wanted to fit in with our friends, dress alike, went through the rebellion phase. Although my rebellion phase was more so with my hair than it was with my clothing. As I got older, I wanted my outfits to reflect my personality...but at the time I was still trying to find myself & ween out the negative influences in my life. However after a lot of thinking, shopping & wardrobe purges; I finally ( after a few failed attempts ) found the style that best represents me. 

So, with that being said I wanted to share some of the ways I was able to reach my wardrobe paradise in a sense or dream wardrobe ( even though I am still building it ). I am hoping that what worked for me will work for you guys!

Step 1: Discover what kind of items you like. For example, I am sure you guys know that I am obsessed
with Fedoras. As you guys clearly see from majority of my blog posts. Except lately. I have been weening myself away from them. To figure out what style I wanted to go for...I turned to magazines, pinterest & other bloggers for inspiration. I don't really use pinterest as much anymore but if you guys needed inspiration just let me know & I will make an entire blog post dedicated to my pinterest mood boards!

Step 2: My favourite step. Make a list of items you want & how you will style them. I think that I have touched base on this before. Whenever I am shopping I always visual 3-4 outfits with that certain item. Trust me when I say it works & it helps you save money. Like neutral shades or oversized fits? Experiment. The right look will come to you.

Step 3: This bounces right off of ' Step 2 ' when I mentioned experimenting. When I gained weight I was a little self conscious so I found myself wearing oversized clothing which only made me look even bigger than I actually was. I was struggling ( I recently did a massive wardrobe purge & got rid of my oversized clothing ) I have learned that my body is beautiful. Also I have learned not to stick within the fashion rules. Fashion has always been & will forever be about breaking the rules & creating your own style. Experiment. What works for you might not work for others & that is entirely okay.

Step 4: Finding key pieces for your wardrobe. Which means ' Basics ' that never go out of style. I have written a few blog posts about finding the perfect basics for your wardrobe. Once you've written everything & planned everything out with the help of your pinterest mood board it's time to go SHOPPING! By the way I am currently building a capsule wardrobe & I have been selling my pre-loved to BRAND new clothing on my Poshmark account!

Step 5: Avoid what's trending! Even though I try & keep up with the trends I have come to the realization that not all trends are for me & half the time I don't feel like dishing out the $$$ for anything. Build your wardrobe to last long so you won't have to worry about constantly purging your wardrobe because things are no longer in style.

Like my favourite quote always say Fashion Fades Style Is Eternal! 


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