The Coffee Bar ( TCB )

1201 S St NW, Washington, DC 20009, USA

Oh, how I thought I would never find a cute coffee place in DC that was instagram worthy like the ones in NYC. I honestly thought that I would have to continue my monthly trips up to NYC just to stock up on aesthetic coffee photos but now that isn't the case. 

I stumbled across this cute little coffee bar yesterday ( which is now possibly my go to spot ) and let me just say I immediately fell in love. The location is perfect where it's not overly crowded but they still get business. It does feel a little like I am in NYC but I didn't have to dish out the bus fare to & from the big apple. 

I love the interior of this place & it was so easy for me to write...the only con that I can think of is that there isn't any wifi. Which in the end didn't really bother me. I ended up just writing in my notebook & listening to spotify.

Sorry this post is so short but I really wanted to talk about how cute this place was. I am going to be sharing some of my favourite places in DC with you guys. 

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