A New Layout On Life & Lelondonchic

Washington, DC, USA

I am sure that this post is LONG overdue but honestly I didn't feel like talking about it until now. Remember when I mentioned ( actually talked about this numerous times ) that I was uninspired? I felt like I was forcing my blog posts and I am pretty sure some of you guys realized that. I wasn't being sincere. I had lost my passion for blogging for a moment and I really wanted to get it back. I felt like my blog posts didn't interest you guys either. Plus even I didn't know wtf I was going on about writing them.

I thought that if I changed my blogs layout then sudden inspiration would come to me. Let me just say I was wrong. I am sure you guys have noticed the amount of makeovers Lelondonchic got in the past couple of months. I was just unhappy with everything and it was just ruining my mood even more. That was when I came across this current layout from Underline Designs. When I saw it I immediately felt a spark and had to have it. It was like I pictured all the content that I could be creating for you guys! My blog no longer felt boring. I just really need something new...which is why I made some major changes to my life as well not only my blog.

I quit my job at Forever 21, I was just no longer happy working there. I managed to decrease the size of my wardrobe ( there is no longer 2 clothing racks in my living room just 1 ) and I made a little office for myself. Which I now get a lot of my ideas from. I create my own minimal space and also got rid of toxic things that were bringing me down.

New content that will be coming up on Lelondonchic are:

Fashion: Which is a given cause this is a Fashion Blog after all but I am also adding....Style Guides, Fashion on a Budget and How to Wear/Style

Beauty: Skin care ( how I maintain my soft glowing skin ), Products I Use, Hair Care ( since I dye my hair a lot )

Lifestyle: Travel, Food, Cute Hotspots, Healthy Lifestyle 

Tips: I will still be sharing some Blogging Tips and anything else that comes to mind

Like I mentioned I have a lot of crazy posts coming up for you guys. Plus, I also want to start vlogging! My end goal is about 3 posts a week maybe even 4 depending and 1 Vlog a week.

I am super excited to share everything with you guys!


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