My Inner Rebel

Happy July my dear lovely readers! Welcome to a fresh new month of blogging! Whoot Whoot! Since this is the first blog post of a new month it's going to be a tad bit long so bare with me guys. I promise it will go by pretty quickly. 

I wanted to catch you guys up on what has been going on with me lately. First thing being...I have been having some serious scalp irritation issues lately (hence why I haven't been wearing Fedoras as of late). The thing is not only do I NOT know what's the cause of my scalp flare ups but now that it's Summer time it has gotten worst thanks to the sun. Stupid sun....ruining everything. It has also been awhile since I had a flare up but I figured now was the time to go see a Dermatologist and stop putting it off. With that being said...I have been spending my days indoors planning content for my lovely little readers. 

Next on the catching up with Jia list would be the fact that I quit working at Forever 21. Hence why I am able to spend majority of my days indoors to plan content. Being unemployed wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I actually gave myself a month to find a new job but ended up finding one in less than a month. I take that as a pat on the back. I cannot begin to tell you guys how many job interviews I went on BUT I was super excited when I landed the one that I really wanted. Hurray for never giving up or letting the fact that I was unemployed bring me down. No one likes a debby downer. 

I have this gut feeling that I am missing something else but I am not sure...oh well. Debating whether or not I want to actually talk about the outfit that I am wearing...? 

If you guys read my 'The Coffee Bar' post I talked about this aesthetic coffee place in DC that reminded me of some of the coffee places in NYC. Well being unemployed at the time I obviously found myself with a lot of free time most of which was spent in this coffee bar. Although I did spend it at home to avoid spending $$ .. I realized that I am human too and being cooped up at home wasn't ideal. I thought I was going to go crazy some days. So, once a week, sometimes twice depending on my mood I found myself sitting in the coffee bar for a iced coffee and to write. I never brought my laptop whenever I went. I found writing in a journal much more pleasing and the easiest for me to get my words out. When the pen hits the paper....I am in my own world. 

Crap! I was supposed to be talking about this outfit....but this post is already so long now I don't even know if you guys want to sit through 100+ more words. I guess I will say this. This outfit was inspired by the coffee bar. I considered this the perfect writing outfit and the weather matched which made it even better. You can shop the look below or you haven't noticed but I always add a new outfit of the week where you can shop the look in advance! 




| Duster:


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