DC with Lilia from Lily-Like

Washington, DC, USA

I love meeting new people and forming amazing relationships. Friendships that you that wouldn't be even deemed possible if it wasn't for instagram. I guess instagram is good for one thing at the moment. The whole new algorithm is throwing everyone off & it's really throwing me off as well. Even though my following is small...my engagement with you guys were a lot better. That isn't what this blog post is about though. It is about my friendship that I formed with another blogger named Lilia from Lily-Like! 

I actually have been in contact with Lilia way before she came to DC for her studies ( she is here for about 6 months ). She reached out to me on instagram saying that we should grab coffee when she arrives & of course I said yes because who could resist coffee. Then it dawned on me...I was just like her when I was 13. When I moved to another country and had to remake friends. It's not the best thing in the world and being a preteen at the time it actually sucked balls. I didn't want Lilia to go through the awkwardness of not knowing anyone and also not having anyone to rely on just in case there is an emergency ( god forbid ). So, I did what anyone would do & I formed a sincere friendship with her. 

With that being said I cannot wait to show you guys all the trouble ( in a good way ) that we will be getting into whilst she is here! She also inspires me to work harder at my blog as well. Seeing how much she does. I am just in awe! 

We decided to have an impromptu photoshoot at my favourite shooting location & the photos are just hilarious! I hope you guys enjoy them as much as I do! 


  1. Giiiirl, I'm just checking out this blogpost now. This is so cute, love it <3

    1. HAHAHH! I could have sworn I told you about it!!!! LOL