LLC + Walking With Locals

Adams Morgan, Washington, DC 20009, USA

It's not everyday that you come around a bunch of creative minds just like yours. Where you are free to share your ideas without being judged or being stared at. I will admit , I was scared to take out my camera and start vlogging around them but after like 5 minutes of walking I realized that it was a mental thing and I couldn't be more free to express myself. I honestly wished that I took more photos of the walk ( I only brought my phone to vlog ) but my friends got some really nice shots!

I did get some footage to vlog about & I decided to throw it together into a quick little ( I tried to make it little ) video for you guys. I am going to be linking the video down below so I would really appreciate it if you guys can check it out for me! I would really really sincerely appreciate all the support trying this new thing.

Also I am so bloody sad that my favourite denim ( the ones pictured ) decided to die on me. I unfortunately had to retire them this past weekend. May they rest in pieces. LOL.

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