Bringing In Fall With My Favourite Striped Duster

Dupont Circle, Washington, DC, USA
You know those Seasonal pieces that you pick out & think ' hmmm maybe I should either donate this item or sell it ' but then when the time comes around...I find myself wearing the same piece I was having doubts about. Isn't that weird but that is literally me with EVERY piece of clothing in my wardrobe. There are also pieces I have never worn but I keep because I think ' I will wear them one day '. Do I? No, I eventually just donate them to anyone who are less fortunate than I am which makes me feel alot better about myself.

For a evening out with Lilia from Lily-Like. We always tend to look for some new places to shoot & coffee places so we could get our addiction on. We ended up at a new spot ( which is going to become my favourite spot over The Coffee Bar ) which is called Emissary. Which I am sure some of my DC readers have definitely been there before. If not...I def recommend it. It's so cozy and it gives you your marble fix cause it wouldn't be coffee without marble counter tops and tables. I mean if you aren't grabbing your light jackets and running out to go. I ordered a Frittata with goat cheese and it was the minus the mushrooms. I hate mushrooms.

We then walked around and ended up shooting at this amazing school...which I never actually thought about shooting before until we walked past it. It was perfect, minimal and had a little fountain with lights that I kept putting my foot in cause I wanted to be a rebel.

Duster : Forever 21
Tee : Forever 21
Trousers: Forever 21
Shoes: Puma
Bag: H&M
Sunnies: American Eagle
Phonecase: Casetify

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