Fall'n For Minimalism


I have been eyeing Khaki Trousers for awhile now but I never thought that I was able to pull them off. I keep telling myself that Fashion is all about experimenting and I never know anything without trying. So, with that being said I found myself in my favourite H&M and snagged these Khaki Trousers (last pair in my size) and literally ran into the fitting room to try them on. They were PERFECT! High-waisted and looked amazing on my bum. Cause that's what it's all about right? Making sure they look good on the bum.


There was something that I wanted to talk to you guys about. I have been getting DM's from you guys on instagram about why I decided to switch to minimalism and also about purging my wardrobe.


Why I decided to live a more minimal lifestyle? Keep reading to find out!


I decided that I wanted to live a more minimal lifestyle when I realised that there was 2 clothing racks in my living room. When my shoe boxes wouldn't fit on my side of the wardrobe and I was forced to put them under the bed. It got to the point where I didn't even remember what pairs I owned. It was so sad. I knew that something had to be done. With that being said...I ended up getting in contact with my friend and she said her sorority was donating used clothing, bags and shoes to ' Women & Children ' in need and I decided that would be the perfect reason for ditching some of the items I don't need. I thought maybe I could do this...but in the end I bought everything that I got rid of back...and fell back into a hole. That got me thinking..? What was the point in doing all of this?


Donating or selling just to replace that item with something else. It was a never ending cycle that was driving me crazy and it was worst because being a blogger..you have this mentality that you have to keep getting things to keep up with the trends for what? Getting things that I would only wear once and stuff into the back of my wardrobe and taking up space...


I think it was pretty easy to give up on materialistic items. The first to go were the items that were Clothing:

  • Get rid of everything that is over-sized & makes you look chunky

  • Next would be ... weeding out the items that are too small ( which is the easiest way to purge clothing )

  • Get rid of anything that you never wore...chances are you are never going to wear them


After clothing...I go right into Handbags:

  • Do you USE it? No? Get rid of it.

  • Do you WANT it? If you have to question it then get rid of it.

  • Stick to the basic colours, BLACK, WHITE, GREY, BROWN, NUDE ( no need for a red purse now is there? )


Now onto the hardest part Shoes:

  • Start by taking out ALL of the shoes you own. For me that means ALL of the ones in the wardrobe & under the bed. Which was alot. Trust me. I was swimming in boxes of shoes.

  • Do they fit? No? Get rid of them ( my feet got bigger so it was a little easy tossing those )

  • What wasn't trendy... ( I am not really a high heeled girl anymore so those went next )

  • Worn out...

  • The ones I have never worn

  • The ones I have worn once & never again


Top: Zara

Blazer: Forever 21

Trousers: H&M

Fedora: Forever 21

Oxfords: Forever 21

Necklace: Boohoo

Sunnies: Forever 21











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