San Diego Day 3+4 ( Seaport Village + Naval Ship ) Pt. 2

Oh man! Part 2 already!? Did you guys enjoy the first part? The photo-diary with all the lovely photos of the village? I already want to go back! It was beyond beautiful and I cannot stop dreaming about the weather! Definitely have to go back there! Also..did any of you from San Diego who are currently reading my blog get a chance to visit any of the places that I recommended from my last post!? If so...please post on instagram and tag me! I would LOVE to see all of your pictures! My instagram is @lelondonchic!

My Mum and I had the opportunity to go onto a Naval Ship turned Museum. She was more excited about it than I was. I think she wanted a slight American History lesson. Could also be because my sister is in the Navy ( whilst my eldest sister is in the Air Force ) so she wanted to know more about the ships that my sister was on. I personally don't think it's something I would do again ( climbing up those stairs alone were torture ). Never again haha. The view from the top of the ship was breathtaking as well.

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