Brunch With Masa 14

1825 14th St NW, Washington, DC 20009, USA
Wow, hello my dear readers. I am sorry that I literally disappeared all month from you guys. I was feeling a bit uninspired and I let my focus waiver from my blog to my instagram. I know I shouldn't have done that and it should be the other way around because I know you guys have been here for me since day one. Well enough of the mushy stuff....I wanted to tell you guys about my Brunch experience at Masa 14 in Washington DC.

I had the pleasure in meeting some local blogger babes from a group chat that I am in called Join Palm. Which is basically a local DC Blogger chat where we support each other, bounce ideas if one of us is in a slump, or meetup for happy hour or of course everyones favourite Brunch!

The Brunch was put together by Insta-blogger ( which is a thing if you don't feel like dealing with the daily struggles of having a proper blog ) Erin from @hillea reached out to Masa 14 and asked them whether or not we can do a small blogger brunch at their restaurant. Which to our surprise they said yes! Food and Mimosas! They don't lie when they say DC is so serious when it comes to brunch but can you blame us when you have bottomless brunch and mimosas?!

You would think that we were feeding 10 people with the amount of food that we ordered. In all reality it was about 6 of us ( myself included ). Halah from @capitol_hal , Ashley from @ashleytinman , Kat from @crunchy.kat , and Madison from @madisonrosedickson. But when you love food as much as much as we do then you just order everything....and not just once...but if you liked that certain item that you love then you could just order it again and that is what we did!

Brunch Menu 
( what we ordered )

Masa Mimosa
( champagne, mango puree & blood orange
Lychee Bellini 
( champagne, lychee puree )

Hummus Wraps
Citrus Salad
Chorizo & Potatoe Hash
Bacon Avocado Deviled Eggs
Breakfast Tacos
Egg Chilaquiles
Corn Croquettes
Chicken Torta
Chipotle Bacon BLT
Kimchi Fried Rice 
( forgot to mention it's an Asian fusion restaurant! )
Yuca Fries
Warm Biscuits

Fried Plantains 
( which was my all time favourite! we ordered 4! )
Churro Balls
Carrot Cake

Everything was soooo good and I am happy that I had the chance to go and eat there! I definitely think that I will be going there again maybe for dinner! 

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