I Love Myself ft. Realher

Washington, DC, USA
Hello, guys. I wanted to share something really personal for this post. I wanted to talk about when I stopped loving myself. I am not sure when it started or what triggered it but I found myself turning to food more often to satisfy the sadness that I was feeling. Which lead to me hating my body because of the weight that I gained & not wanting to shoot for my blog because I hated how I looked in the photos. It hurt. I was neglecting my readers which made me sad which lead to eating again. I was driving myself crazy. Why was I sad? What was triggering my sadness? I didn't know but I needed things to change and let me just say that is exactly what I did! Thanks to Realher I have literally changed my everyday thinking. I wake up in a better mood and willing to make the change I need to become a better person.

If you guys do not know about Realher let me tell you guys about this wonderful brand. Realher is all about loving who you are and expressing that having individuality is key. Being a blogger individuality is key. I create posts to stand out from the now over saturated platform. Their motto is " I Love Myself--Just The Way I Am ". I wake up every morning with this as my mantra. Every piece of their products is engraved with an inspirational quote to make every woman feel their best. The pieces that I received said:

" I Am Unique "
" I Am A Rockstar "
" Do Your Squats "
" Be Fearless, Be Limitless "
" I Am The Storm "
" I Am Loved "

Realher donates 20% of their profits to AAUW ( American Association of University Women ) to support programs for Women and Girls. How amazing does that sound!? The items that I currently own are: Click the name to buy!

The Blush Kit
Matte Liquid Lipstick ( Deep Wine & Dark Brown )
Eye Shadow ( Do Your Squats )
Lip Liner ( Wine & Plum )

I am always doing minimal makeup but something cooed me into a bold lip! I also have been using Realher makeup since I got it! Cruelty free and goes on amazing! A win win in my book!

Shop My Look Below:

Blazer: H&M
Tee: Forever 21
Trousers: Forever 21
Shoes: Converse
Cap: Charlotte Russe
Bag: H&M
Sunnies: Forever 21
Watch: Cluse
Case: IdealofSweden
Lippie: Realher

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