Hello Lovelies... I Am Gelila

Washington, DC, USA
Hello lovelies! Jia here! I wanted to introduce someone new to Lelondonchic! Her introduction will be down below and I am excited to show her the in's and out's of blogging!  So, I will just let you guys know a few random facts about Gelila!

Hello world! My name is Gelila and I am a currently a Wardrobe Stylist but I aspire to be a Fashion Designer. As an introvert, the thought of blogging never really crossed my mind at all. Growing up in Washington DC and being the youngest of 7 siblings...I always looked up to my older sisters as my Fashion Inspirations. With my love for Fashion...I, to this day don't have a favourite brand that I tend to lean against! For instance I know Jia's go to brand is H&M ( used to be Forever 21 lol ). I love to explore and find new places to shop! Since this is my very first blog post, I wanted to write a post containing 10 Random Facts About Myself.

10 random facts about me

1. I love to Travel! 
2. I hate sitting under the hair dryers at hair salons! 
3. White Chocolate is to die for! Lindt please sponsor me! 
4. To this day I still don't know how to ride a bike!
5. I hate being in a shopping mall for long periods of time ( kinda ironic right? )
6. My favourite food is Salmon & Lomo Saltado!
7. I am addicted to shoes ( but who isn't?!
8. My favourite actor is Mark Wahlberg!
9. I am obsessed with Chris Brown!
10. I love watching Documentaries on Netflix! 

There you guys have it! 10 facts about myself that I hope you guys found interesting! I look forward to writing more blog posts for you guys and I am also looking forward to your feedback. I also wanted to thank Jia for inspiring me enough to get me to take the first step into blogging! 



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  1. ���� I Agree on your 2nd random fact. Can’t stand it ether. Lol