I’ts Tuesday! So, you guys already know what that means! Time for another Beauty Tuesdays post! I have had the chance to work with a lovely brand bamed “ Kopari “ but as you all know by now all opinions are my own & you know I keep it 100 with you guys!

First item that I want to talk about and review for you guys would be the “ Coconut Melt “. It is organic coconut oil that can be used in your hair, on your skin...you name it!


My skin is moisturized and the smell isn’t overpowering. It’s light & that is always a plus in my book. This is so perfect since itms currently winter & my skin dries out super fast! I mix a bit of the coconut oil with my cocoa butter for baby soft skin.


Because I suffer from an overly sensative scalp. Which by the way it was never like this before. It happened when I received my last ‘ relaxer ‘ and after that my scalp has never been the same. I did try this out as a mask & definitely regretted it right after I rinsed my hair. I had a terrible reaction so I decided that maybe using it on my scalp isn’t the best option for me right now.

Another con would be the price. If I was to venture into Sephora and came across this product. I probably wouldn’t spend $40 on it. I feel like that would be the only downfall. If you love this product & you have the money then all means I recommend this product! But if you are on a budget then I wouldn’t recommend this!

Next product would be the “ Coconut Crush Scrub “.


This is by far the best body scrub I have ever used! Just like the Coconut Melt this Scrub smells divine. You apply it before on dry skin then rinse it off & shower as usual. When I first used this product....my skin was glowing & it felt great! It just felt like the troubles from the day was washed away.


There is none! This is something I would definitely invest in regardless of the price.

Last product on the list would be the  “ Coconut Kiss Kit “. I got shades Mai Thai, Hibiskiss & Pinkini.

So, I swatched these on my wrist at first and I wasn’t 100% covinced whether or not I would like the shades on my actual lips. Pinkini wasn’t my cuppa tea because I prefere darker shades & this one was a little too bright on me.

Then came Mai Thai. I actually blended it with a matte lipstick 2 shades a bit darker and I loved it! It wasn’t as bad & I knew I could have made it work! A keeper!

Last would be Hibiskiss. This is the only shade that I wore alone but dabbed so it wasn’t shiny.

Overall, I give this brand a 8/10!