Introducing Beauty Tuesdays!

Washington, DC, USA
Happy Tuesday! I wanted to share a new segment that I will be starting on the blog. It's called:

Beauty tuesdays

During this segment...every Tuesday I will be sharing some of either my ' Favorite ' or ' New ' Beauty products that I have been testing out! I decided to start this because of the response I gotten with the one I posted 2 weeks ago and I decided to make it an ongoing thing. So, I want to thank you who Dm'd me on Instagram and sent me emails. I read everything and I take everything you say into consideration! 

So, for this post I wanted to talk about 2 different  products. Sorry to say but this post might be a little long so please bare with me ( I was honestly about to write bear ). I haven't had coffee in days and I think maybe I am going through withdrawals! 


First up.. I had the opportunity to test out some items from a brand called " Youth ". Even though this is a collaboration all opinions on this product are MY OWN! I will be 150% honest with you guys. I don't ever want to lie to you because without you there wouldn't be me! 

Let's talk packaging. As you know when I first started blogging I was literally all over the place with no sense of direction. Now after many failed attempts. I now have a grasp on blogging life. You guys have been awesome supporting me. 

Crap off topic. 

Packaging! It was very minimal, white and clean. The words are clear so you know what brand it is. Which for me I gave a 10/10. 

Next came actually sitting down and using the products. I have combination skin. There are dry patches and there are extremely oily patches. I do use " Youth to the People " to balance everything out on my face which is why I literally swear by that brand now. 

So, it came with 4 different shades of BB Creams. 1-4. Well seeing as though I am a 4..the other shades weren't necessary but I did have an idea of what to use shade #3 for. I decided it could be used for actually brighting up under my eyes. Which worked like a charm so in the end I had use for another shade. Win! I give the BB Cream ( 7/10 ) mainly because it was my first time using it so I wasn't used to it. I will keep using it and give you another review! 

After the BB Creams, I tested out the Radiance C+E. Now this I was so confused on! I literally had to read the instructions over and over to fully understand. They look like little kisses but they are filled with this cream. I was thankful that it is already portioned out so you don't use too much. 10/10 for being smart with that. If I had to rate it all together using it for a week. It would be 6/10. I am starting to get really picky with what I put on my face. Using this made my face feel a little weird even when I did rub it in all the way. Who knows my review might change after using it for another 2 weeks. 

Last but not least. We have the Serum. I loved the Serum. I haven't stopped using the Serum since I got it. My face just feels really fresh after a good scrub and applying the Serum after. I find it to be the perfect moisturizer. 10/10

I did tell you guys that this post was going to be a bit long right? Sorry bare with me I am almost done! The next brand that I had the pleasure of testing out was " Freemans ". It's actually Freeman but I thought that adding the ' S ' was better for the sentence. I got 4 products from them. I think 2 were testers & the other 2 were the actual products.

I can definitely say that I didn't use the testers ...yet. I went straight for the " Polishing Charcoal & Black Sugar Scrub ". I love anything with sugar scrubs! I just feel like I am scrubbing all the bad gives from my face and body! I was right, I felt so refreshed. My face felt so clean and I felt so refreshed. The downside I must say is that if you scrub a little hard then applying anything else after will burn a little. I literally tried the mask right after and had to immediately wash it off cause it started burning. A fail on my end. Lesson learned.

Overall I think Freeman definitely beat out Youth by a landslide! 

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