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Hello Lovelies & Happy Tuesday!

Yesterday not only was is MLK’s birthday but it was also my birthday. I celebrated my 26th birthday and I couldn’t be happier. I don’t want to go on about that instead there will be a blog post & a vlog coming soon!

For now I will be talking about another Beauty Brand called Amala. This is collaboration with the brand but as you know all opinions are my own. I am going to try to cut down on how wordy these reviews are but I cannot guarantee anything. So, lets get started.

A little background about the brand. Amala has many meanings... “ The Most Pure “ , “ Revered Mother “ and “ Love Her “. Amala skincare elevates natural beauty ( which is perfect for someone like me who preferes a more natural look ). I picked from the ‘ Rejuvenating ‘ line and I chose the ‘ Hand Cream ‘ the ‘ Face Cream ‘ and the ‘ Eye Cream ‘.

Let’s start with the ‘ Rejuvenating Face Cream ‘.

Description: Fights lines and wrinkles, restores your youthful density + relieves dryness for younger looing skin.

Okay, so I picked this without reading more than what I typed above. Let me set the record straight.... I don’t have sagging skin, wrinkles or any of that. I have firm skin but I personally think it is never too late to start taking care of yourself. That was the reason why I picked it. Plus I love me some Cocoa Bean!

Pros: I did notice a difference in my skin. It normally takes about 2 weeks for any changes to be shown when trying new products. This has been added to my night time routine for sure. The smell isn’t strong which is always a plus in my book and it is not heavy! It is lighweight and a little does go a long way for sure.

Cons: The size! The Face Cream is only about 30ml or 1.0fl oz which is small although it is perfect for traveling but not worth the price. I always say if you have the money then by all means splurge but if you are on a budget it doesn’t matter how amazing a product is if you cannot afford it.

Alright lets move onto the ‘Rejuvenating Eye Cream’.

Description: Perfect for fine lines, crows feet and dark circles.

For me I have really bad bags under my eyes. I actually use this in the mornings just before using my makeup. I am trying to minimize my use for concealer.

Pros: I love the smell of this product more than the other 2 for sure. I have noticed a change under my eyes with this product.

Cons: I picked the 15ml which was the cheapest option. This product does come in a 50ml size but like I said before unless money is no problem for you....I wouldn’t recommend this product.

Lastly would be the ‘Rejuvenating Hand Cream’.

Pro: The size. Perfect to throw into your bag to take with you.

Cons: The smell & the price.

Overall I would rate this product a 8/10 for how well they work but a 4/10 for price!

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