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Ah! I am really starting to love writing these ' Beauty Tuesday' posts for you guys. I am so grateful that you guys are loving them as much as I am.

For the few of you that doubt that I actually try any of these products...I do. I test out each and every beauty product on myself in order to give a proper review. I will be honest since I started ' Beauty Tuesdays ' there are some products that I stopped using after discovering something better & of course organic.

One of the products that I actually stopped using was the brand called " Youth ". Please don't confuse it with " Youth to the People ". I still use the BB Cream from the " Youth " line because it is perfect for Winter. My skin reacts way better to beauty products with little to no chemicals in them whatsoever. I just couldn't continue using 2 of the products that made my face start to burn after awhile. I will probably go back & change the end results for that one.

This year I have really buckled down when it comes to taking care of my skin and of course my health. I say this as I am drinking an Iced Caramel Latte lol. Baby steps right?

If you guys follow me on Instagram & watch my instastories ( when I do post )...I did an get unready with me video showing you what products I was currently using. Like a night time routine in a sense. Not going to lie I was surprised by how many of you that actually watched them. I think I will do them more often.

I did tag @ph7skincare on the video but I still wanted to write a proper review about this particular brand. Before I jump into the Pro's and the Con's...I just want to say that this is a collaboration but all thoughts and opinions are 100% MY OWN.

You guys know that I am a sucker for Natural Products free of any toxins. I don't want my skin to become dependent on anything because I don't have bad skin but as you know everyone had their occasional breakouts. Plus I wear makeup ( not everyday ) basically only when I am shooting.

I received 3 products from Ph7 Skincare to try

1. Foaming Cleanser

2. Toner


I will review each product individually so each Pro + Con won't be as long. Sorry that this post is kinda long.

Starting off with the Foaming Cleanser.


It's lightweight which means no water needed which is perfect. My face actually feels clean after using it. It also leave any residue which is another plus. It smells amazing!


I wish the bottle was bigger.  It does get a little messy when getting the product out.

Next would be the Toner.


I have never used a Toner before so I wasn't sure what to expect. For the month I have been using this skin did even out a bit but not dramatically. So, I have to keep using it.



Last would be the Moisturizer.


A little goes a long way for sure. I have oily skin so I don't have to use this much. I do use a little when I am going to sleep so my face doesn't dry out.


Keep in a good place. Before you use it..please shake it. It separates so it looks like water on the top. Just a heads up.

Overall I would rate this a 8/10. I would definitely keep using this product for sure especially the Toner!

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