Trend #2 | The Padded Jacket

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One trend that has been taking over all over Social Media and even the streets besides the " Checkered Print " would be the " Padded Jacket ".

I can definitely say that this is one trend alongside the " Checkered Print " that I am getting behind. Although, I didn't want to order this jacket online without trying it on first. I have learned that just because it looks good one someone doesn't mean that it necessarily looks good on you. Definitely learned this the hard way & paid the price. I have gotten items I thought would look good on me but I ended up never wearing them and just wasting money.

This is why I never order ' trending ' items online. I will get dressed, take my ass to the store and try everything on. I wear something that is easy to take off and put right back on. It's a hassle but it's worth it. If it doesn't look right then I won't be purchasing anything.

Then came the padded trend. I really wanted one so I headed to my favorite H&M and actually was able to find the last padded jacket that were on sale. They actually went on sale before Black Friday and I was able to snag the last one on the following day. The one that I had my eyes on were so popular that it was basically nonexistent when I went into the store.

The only color that they had left was Red. Not going to lie I did have my eye on the other colors in the same style. Black, Camel ( which I ended up somehow getting my hands on ) and the Olive. Even though the Red was the only one I ended up loving it and it came home with me for $15! The coat is still available online but for full retail price of $60!

Still itching to get my hands on a Faux Fur Coat! Will that be next on my ' Trends List '? Stay tuned to find out!

shop my style below:

Jacket : H&M
Sweater : H&M
Belt : Forever 21
OTK Boots : Charlotte Russe
Bag : H&M
Sunnies : Sunglass LA

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