Photos From My Phone 27th-29th

Remember when I did posts like 'My Week in Some Words'? I thought about bringing that series back onto the blog but then I remembered I always ended up forgetting what happened during the week. I can literally blog from my phone but if I am completely honest...I keep forgetting. I could sit here and come up with a million excuses as to why I don't write as much anymore when in reality...I write all the time..just in my journals. alot of people think that blogging is all sunshine and rainbows but I wanted to shut that myth down on my blog once and for all. 

There is no surprise that I take a shit ton of photos ( I love photography ). Some are random and some are planned but 9/10 times lately alot of the photos are just things I have seen around the city and decided to take quick photos of what peaked my interest. I wanted to share this because it's good to see the raw unedited side that doesn't make it onto Instagram. 


My Monday's are generally just typical. I normally dedicate those days to getting work done but since this Monday was a holiday in America ( I grew up with celebrating different holidays like the Queen's Birthday etc.. ). Anyways like I was saying. Monday was Memorial Day and normally my family and I would go into the city and play Volleyball but this year we didn't because well the whole family isn't around at the moment. My eldest sister is currently away in Canada for military training & my second eldest sister is still stationed in San Diego until the end of July. My little brother cares more about his friends and only contacts us when he needs something so obviously playing Volleyball today was out of the question. So, instead today I stayed in..watched the worlds dumbest ( but funniest ) anime called Asobi Asobase and played video games. I did manage to create ONE flatlay to post on Instagram but even I could admit that it wasn't my best I am back to being creatively burnt out yet again. Had some delicious fried shrimp with white rice and french fries. The french fries were quite on the salty side but nothing a little ketchup and mountain dew couldn't fix. Monday was quite ordinary so hopefully I have something more exciting for Tuesday to share!


Tuesday mornings are by far my most hated. Why? Well, I wake up obligated to get work done and well majority of the time...I just don't. Especially after not doing anything the day before.

My day started around 8:30am like it normally does. The crazy thing was I was having such a bad case of insomnia and I didn't fully fall asleep until 4:30am. It's the absolute worst and it hits me at the most random times but what baffles me is the fact that I always wake up around the same time every morning well rested. I told myself that I was going to be productive today which I sorta kinda was...I was able to complete one of my deadlines which I could pat myself on the back for cause I did it in no time. I guess I wasn't creatively blocked today.

Next, I decided that it was time to sort through some of my clothing. I got some new clothing for my upcoming trip to Florida & Vegas plus the change in the weather. Plus I also want to get back into shooting and the lack of me posts on my Instagram and even here on the blog makes me a little nervous. Out of the new items that I got...I am sending like 3 pieces back. You know when you are online shopping and certain items look so good on the models but then once you get it and try it on it looks horrible? Yeah, that was the case for me. So, as much as I would have loved for the pieces to work out...they are going back to Nastygal. 

There are days where I wake up in a funk and I would be okay the following day. I am not sure I am not happy at all this week. I know my depression spells comes and goes. Right now...I really want it to go away. If anyone knows different ways to get someone out of a funk ( I mean I don't want to go outside or be around people ) please email me & let me know cause I am struggling! The plan was to go out today for sure and return some pieces to Rent The Runway but I saw that my watch for a collaboration I am doing was out for delivery and I had to be home to sign for it. I am slightly obsessed with it and I am happy that they sent me a watch that matches my aesthetic. Let's hope that tomorrow is a better day and that I have more amazing stuff to share with you guys!