My Wardrobe Update

2 more weeks of December. I always get a little scared when it is the last couple of months in the year. Why? They go by extremely quickly. I thought that I was going to accomplish a lot of the things that I wanted to accomplish but sadly I didn’t but I did experience a few firsts in my 27 years of existence. Alas, I am working on another post going into more detail just exactly how this year made me feel. I will go over the good, the bad and the in-between.

No, this post is going to be a happy post. I am sure some of you guys have been here supporting me since 2014 when I first started blogging. From Wix, to Wordpress, to Squarespace, to Blogger back to Wordpress and finally back to Blogger. Let’s just say it has been one hell of a rollercoaster ride trying to figure out not only my blogging style but my personal style as well. I actually tried finding my old images but because I switched platforms quite often ( I blame my lack of knowledge about blogging )  a lot of my old photos aren’t on my blog anymore. I am going to go through my email to see if I have any of them left to do a before and after.

Let’s just say when I first started blogging my wardrobe was quite on the colorful side. I am talking really bright colors and even colorful jeans. I mean they were literally instyle back then but I guess you can say I didn’t have a set sense of style. I also personally feel like my style has matured as I have gotten older. Those same bright colors overtime became neutrals which in the end became more practical for everyday wear. It was easier to style outfits with basics you can wear everyday & I think about all the money I save. Even though I still shop here and there. I mainly get items that match well with my current wardrobe and items that I need.

I tried adding the shopstyle widget for these items but it isn’t working so I will go old school ( not really ) and just link everything individually. I will try fixing the shopstyle widget but until then this is a major throwback for me!

I am excited to see how my styles evolves next year as well!

Blazer - Shein
T-Shirt - H&M
Jeans - H&M
Boots - Shein
Beanie - H&M ( linked similar )
Blue Light Glasses - Amazon
Watch - Movado 

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