10 things to do whilst WFH

Washington, DC
Let’s be honest. This whole pandemic is & staying home under quarantine is driving people crazy. Everyone who had a 9-5 is currently at home not really knowing what to do. I normally work from home myself but there are days when I need to be in an environment around people. For introverts this is their dream for extroverts it’s torture & for ambiverts like myself who thrives on a mixture on both.

So, in this post I am sharing 10 things you guys can do while you’re stuck at home. I was actually going to turn this into a video for my channel but I changed my mind.

1. Clean your environment. 
During this pandemic this should be a given. Clean & disinfect everything. Wipe everything down with Clorox wipes. Clean out your fridge. Get rid of the food that is expired. Open your windows & balcony doors to let some fresh air in while cleaning. When I clean, I blast music and just make it a concert.

2. Read a book. 
This is something that I recently started getting back into. I have tons of books at home that I am going to start rereading but if there was a book that you guys always wanted to read but never got a chance to do then this is the perfect time to do so. Get cozy & read that book.

3. Catch up on work.
Because of the pandemic “WFH” has definitely become the norm. For those of you who don’t know what WFH means it means Work From Home. This is something that I have mixed feelings on. I normally wake up eat breakfast, do my work then enjoy the rest of the day.

4. Learn something new.
This is huge for me because I love learning new things especially new languages. I am currently learning a language & I am excited to learn another language other than English and a little bit of Spanish.

5. Have a hobby.
I actually don’t have a hobby. Does learning songs in different languages count as a hobby or learning dance moves count? Cause if that counts then yeah maybe I do have a hobby.

6. Communicate.
We all know that social distancing sucks especially if you are an extrovert. It calling your friends & family on the phone. FaceTime comes in handy to check in on your friends who are having a hard time with the quarantine.

7. Exercise.
I have a love/hate relationship. I am slowly getting back into exercising. I start with light stretching, then go into yoga for beginners because yeah I am that out of shape. It’s hard when all you want to do is lie in bed or on the couch all day.

8. Cook.
I love to cook but I am not going to lie...I got really lazy & just anted to eat nothing but junk or make sandwiches because it was easy & fast. I did start cooking again & it forgot how therapeutic it is.

9. Binge watch shows.
I love binge watching shows. It doesn’t matter which show I watch as long as it peaks my interest in the first 2-3 episodes. I absolutely love watching cheesy Korean dramas that make me cringe & question life.

10. Self-care.
Self-care can actually be anything. For me...I am actually a big fan on self care these days. I started taking care of my hair, better care of my skin with every other day facials & my skin. Self care makes you feel so much better inside & out.

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