*An oil foam formula Ford quick and easy cleansing. Gently dissolves makeup with oil then forms a creamy foam with water.*

Wow has it been almost a whole year since my last “Beauty Tuesday’s” post? I think the last one I wrote was about the ‘YSL Libre’ which I still own & still love to this day. If you guys are interested in reading that post then you can read it here

With everyone still under quarantine and the number of cases has gone up in the states. My beauty regime has definitely seen some changes. One being adding this Mamonde into my everyday lineup. It's very light ( can be used to remove makeup ) and it smells divine. It's not heavily fragranced which is definitely always a plus in my book because I have realized that products with heavy fragrances have a tendency of making my skin breakout.

I have been using this Oil to Foam for about 2 months now & I highly recommend it. I am actually aiming to try the whole "Rose" line from Mamonde.

See you next Tuesday for another review. Please stay safe & wear your masks!


Good Morning my beautiful readers! How is everyone doing on this bright Sunday? I cannot believe that I am bringing back "Beauty Tuesdays". This is something that has been on my mind for the past couple of months since the influx of beauty products that has blessed my apartment & my vanity table.

"Beauty Tuesdays" has always been really popular here on the blog & I am thankful that you guys love reading them as much as I love writing about new products. First things first...I wanted to share a new Youtube video with you guys showcasing all of the Korean Beauty Products that I currently own. I will be linking each product down below for anyone who is interested in trying these products out for themselves. It is an affiliate so I will make a small commission.

One thing I definitely say a lot...every year when it comes around but I absolutely HATE Summer. I hate feeling hot, sweating you name it. Being in quarantine makes you miss everything you took for granted. Like just going out to the Wharf to hangout. Well, that is exactly what we did. It was nice getting out of the house even if it was 88 degrees of pure humidity. It was so hot & wearing the mask it made it 10x harder to breathe. It was worth it though. I got to eat delicious food, enjoy being out of the house, and enjoy amazing ice cream from a black-owned business! They will literally be taking ALL of my money from here on in whenever I visit the Wharf.

I have also recorded a vlog of it which I hope you guys will enjoy & subscribe to my channel!

Wow, this is beyond insane. I cannot believe that I only wrote 1 blog post for all of June. To be honest...I am a little disappointed in myself. I also think at this point I am starting to sound like a broken record. I am always sorry for neglecting my blog when this is the perfect time for me to be writing & getting more in tune with my creative side. I should be using this ample amount of downtime ( I still have collaborations ) to really buckle down & really get into my Youtube channel, writing, creating a better living space, etc...

We have been under "quarantine" or "WFH" for about 127 days now. Certain cities are starting to slowly re-open up to the public but they are really taking this seriously which I am thankful for. You are required to wear a mask when stepping into a public place like the grocery store, shopping, restaurants, etc... & whilst some people do not adhere to the rules about wearing a mask. I am happy to see so many people including my friends take this seriously. 

Right now...our lease is coming to an end and I wanted to take this time to really buckle down in looking for a new place to live. I don't want to live in the same area anymore. I actually went to visit my friend Shazz a few days ago...no worries I had on a mask and I had a crap ton of hand sanitizer in my bag. I even recorded it into a vlog that you guys can watch down below! 

It was so nice just hanging out with her. It is insane how much you miss your friends and doing the littlest things like grabbing coffee that you miss in the middle of a pandemic. I miss being able to take spontaneous trips up to NYC for the weekend or going for long walks around the city, coffee shop hopping, shopping, and even just working on set. 

Right now we were filming short films for BET but they only permitted about 30 people being on set but even that was timed. It wasn't the same & I felt left out because I wasn't able to be on set & really take everything in. I wanted to be able to share what exactly I did on set. Man, I had so many ideas before this pandemic happened. 

Needless to say...who knows when America is going to really flatten the curve when it comes to this crazy pandemic we are facing. I just hope that we take the necessary steps needed to remain safe & healthy.

PS: I would love it if you guys subscribed to my Youtube channel!!  🤎


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