Hello my lovely readers! I have posted a new video on my channel. It’s a super chill vlog ( I think that I mention this quite often about my vlogs ) but yeah nothing extreme because we all know that COVID is still happening. I actually got back on YouTube because COVID happened. At the time when I started my channel I didn’t know what direction I was going in. Did I want to make it a travel vlog, fashion related, tech etc. Honestly, even now I want to start experiencing life again bit by bit. This is why a lot of my content on my channel area vlogs. I like making them...sharing little tid bits of my life. So, I hope that you guys enjoy!

I don’t think I can really remember when I had regular hair. Well...maybe when I was younger but in my early 20’s ( man it feels weird saying that ) I loved coloring my hair so many different colors. From blue to purple, pink, green, lavender, burgundy, red...orange you name it...

This time I partnered with a company named Overtone to pick my next hair colour. Overtone is a brand that I have heard about & seen all over instagram and I thought that it was cool that you can dye your hair another colour without having to result to permanent colour or even bleaching your hair. 

You can take a quiz to figure out what your next hair colour should be & for me it was pretty simple because I was coming from red hair... I did bleach it a little to lighten it up so the orange could really show. 

You can take the colour quiz here ( I honestly should have picked Ginger cause that’s the colour I wanted next! ) If you guys are interested in the colour I chose then you can purchase it here

Overall I love the outcome of my hair and I think I will be using Overtone for awhile! So, maybe once I am done with orange I will test out Ginger!


Hello it’s me. Someone who has become very invisible on her own blog. We’re all the way in March & I haven't even written any posts for the month of February. Which I should probably go back and re-add all of my YouTube videos that I have posted on my channel. 

In this video...I met up with an old friend from high school & her kids. We grabbed lunch, caught up and took the kids to the park whilst they played and we just talked some more. I love friendships that even though we haven't seen or spoken to each other in awhile we can still pick up where we left off without things being awkward. I cherish those kinds of friendships.  



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