Let's Catch Up!

Hello my dear lovely readers. I know that I probably sound like a broken record when I keep saying that I am not neglecting you guys. You guys have been holding me down and grounded for the longest time & even though I am venturing into new territories with YouTube and my job...writing will ALWAYS be my number one love. 

With that being said...let's catch up. I recently just wrapped up filming another movie with BET and whilst it isn't my first film by all means or being on set the atmosphere was completely different from what I was used to. Granted it was my first time freelancing for the company that the movie was filmed under and it as also my first time working on a film that was based on someones actual life. The crazy thing is that listening to her story and speaking to her you would NEVER in a million years think that she had been through everything that she had been through. 

Since we were filming I had to take a break from instagram & YouTube because my work schedule was all over the place and all I wanted to do was sleep on the days that I had off. So, with that being said I am coming back to YouTube and instagram with a bang lol. As far as YouTube goes I am still posting 1 video per week. I have been staying home a lot but I really want to get better at filming and editing but since its starting to feel like Summer...I really don't feel like leaving my house to venture out into the heat. I can easily find something to shoot around the apartment that doesn't require me going outside to sweat like a mad woman. I also feel like I am losing an insane amount of energy whenever I step into the heat. I feel drained of life. Not the best feeling in the world.

I am pretty excited to be taking a beach trip with some of my friends before filming our new movie. Even though it's not the Caribbean ( you will never catch me in the water in the states ) I still have fun playing beach volleyball, drinking and of course just hanging out with my friends. Plus you guys already know that I will be vlogging the whole trip so stay tuned for that.

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