I think I should have started off with this post for 2023 but I didn't know what to say. I guess I should start in 2022. Hmm maybe I should start back in 2019...right before the pandemic. I messaged my current partner on a language exchange app. It started out as us helping each other out. I helped him with his English and he would help me learn Korean. It turned into a friendship and after talking to him everyday during the pandemic and him leaving for basic training and me realizing my feelings for him. It was within those 2 months that I wasn't able to talk to him everyday ( which I got so used to ) he was the first one I talked to in the morning and the last one I spoke to before going to sleep. I missed him & I missed him a lot. 

So, after he came back from basic and some time had passed I ended up telling him how I felt. I believe my exact words were "fuck it I like you...". Bold right? In terms of confessing my feelings I have NEVER done something like this before. My heart was pounding out of my chest and when the 1 disappeared ( we were talking on kakaotalk at this point ) his response was a little confusing which after explaining it to me I understood but at the time I took it as a rejection. I mean why wouldn't I? For all I knew maybe he wasn't comfortable dating someone outside his own race which would be under stable. 

Fast forward and he expressed his feelings to me as well so we begin "talking" but more in the flirty way. We were already sharing life stories and getting to know each other by talking everyday but now it was becoming more intimate. We made plans for me to come visit him in Montana where he is currently stationed and seeing each other for the first time in person was so nerve wrecking but it was so amazing to see him and spend time with him. So, 2022 was the official start to our relationship and 2023 we celebrated our first of many anniversaries. I cannot wait to share about our relationship with you all. 

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