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I am a 25 year old Visual Merchandiser & Influencer. I attended The Art Institutes & majored in Visual Merchandising & Retail which later changed to Marketing. I currently reside in the Nation Capital aka Washington DC.

When I first began blogging on December 28th 2014, Lelondonchic was intended to simply be the ramblings of a soon-to-be Fashion College Graduate who was completely & utterly unsure about what sort of future lie ahead. But I soon found out that I had unknowingly birthed a place where girls who, like me, were still growing into the leaders and confident women that they desired tone. That we could come together from all over the world & inspire each other to embrace their greatness.

Forever a lover of the Arts ( my Mum wanted me to do Business ), I have always seen fashion as a way of expressing myself and it wasn't long before my best friend Brie took notice. She convinced me to start blogging & that is exactly what I did. Granted when I started blogging wasn't as popular & crazy as it is now. So, as the comments of support during a crazy unstable period of my life started to pour in from you guys, so did the questions about the inspiration behind my personal style and requests for the retail details. I happily obliged of course...and ( luckily ) you guys kept coming back! YAY! 

Now with the readers from all over the world & my love for different cultures -- who I lovingly called my " Lovelies ", my journey into Fashion ( or life because I share some personal things on here as well ) it just getting started and I plan to be fashionable and boldly confident every stop of the way! 


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