Monday Blues!

Hello Lovelies!!
Noooo Monday!
What better way to kick off this Monday than with a blog post? Who else is feeling a bit blue on this day? How was your weekends?!
Celebrated my Mums birthday. Well birthday over the weekend.

It was last week on Veterans Day. I'm going to be posting a birthday look in another blog post! So make sure you stay tuned for that. Back to this depressing day. Monday, I decided to dress the way I felt in this all blue ensemble.
Tap for details!
Just kidding.
Top // American Eagle
Jeans // Forever 21
Shoes // Bakers Shoe Store
Scarf // Guess
Purse // Forever 21
Coat // Gift

The top I stole from my boyfriends side of the closet again. I love stealing his clothing. The jeans which are a beautiful shade of navy blue with a dash of suede. The bottom of the jeans which because of my shoes cant be seen but they have gold zippers! I think I have found my new obsession. The combat boots are my very first pair that I ever owned. Which matched well against my very thick infinity scarf and my purse. The coat was a gift from the boyfriend but I can find out where he bought it to share with you Lovelies!

Until Next Time Lovelies!








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