Goodbye 2014!

Hello Lovelies!

Who else is as excited as I am for the upcoming New Year! Sadly to say that this is my LAST blog post for the crazy year of 2014! Tonight is the night where everyone makes their New Years Resolutions to either go back to the gym or stop drinking etc. I always sit down at the last minute and compile a list of my New Years Resolutions. Yes, I am a last minute type of person.

I'm sad that this is my last post for 2014. What better way to end the year than with a casual look. I love finding end of the year deals at stores. I I have been wanting a plaid dress for the longest time!

Beanie- Wetseal

Top- Wetseal

Dress- Urban Outfitters

Jeans- Wetseal

Shoes- H&M

Purse- Forever 21

Jewelry- Charlotte Russe

Even though I it's December where I am, the weather was actually amazing. I walked outside and I didn't even need a jacket. So much for a white Christmas right? Although later that night I did need a jacket which isn't shown in any of the photos. My boyfriend wanted me to call this post "All G'd Up" I couldn't help but laugh. I was in such a rush to get my photos taken that I didn't have time to actually iron my plaid dress. Please ignore the wrinkles haha.

I started practicing more with makeup tricks by watching youtube. In this post I tried the "Cat Eye Look" and I think that it came out pretty well. They say practice makes perfect right? I still haven't gotten my haircut either so bare with my crazy hair as well.

I am really excited the for the New Year and all that I will be sharing with you Lovelies. My biggest goal for the New Year is to be more confident in taking photos infront of the camera.

Until Next Time Lovelies!

Happy New Year to all of you wonderful Lovelies and thank you for your love and support that you have given me this year! You all drive me to be a better blogger. I cannot thank you guys enough.







  1. I love your outfit! Happy New Year!
    I'm a starting fashion blogger, feel free to check out my blog!

  2. loving this outfit and that plaid dress!

  3. omo to cute! will you be posting 2 days a week?!