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Hello! Welcome to my little corner of the internet where I share my love for Beauty, Fashion and little snippets of my life.

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Hello Lovelies!

Yesterday Mother Nature decided to bless us with snow. Now it has been cold and windy for the last couple of days. I was thankful to snap a few photos before the weather took a turn for the worst. Stepping outside alone is hectic. I feel as though I am going to fly away.

With my birthday right around the corner I am on the hunt for the perfect birthday outfit. One that fits my needs, mood and not to mention the weather for the day. Remember Lovelies always dress according to the weather. If its 19 degrees outside please bundle up and do not get sick.

I finally started getting my packages from Boxing Day. ( Still waiting for one package that haven't arrived yet )

I picked items that were on sale ( obviously ) Forever 21 was having a huge sale on Boxing Day and you would have been crazy NOT to check it out. I will post a haul post on another day to show you all the things I picked.

Top / Forever 21 /

Jeans / Forever 21 /

Purse / Forever 21 /

Shoes / Payless /

See the pattern? I have been surprisingly shopping at Forever 21 a lot lately. They just have a lot of affordable prices. Not to mention their sales. What girl ( or guy ) doesn't like a good sale?

The striped turtle neck cropped sweater I'm wearing was the first to arrive and I couldn't be more thrilled. I ordered in a large cause I wanted it to be a little longer and just in case I wanted to go with the shirt under the cropped sweater look. High-waisted skinny jeans were my top choice for this look as well cause I wanted to keep it casual and since it was a little windy to cover my stomach. I fell in love with how nice the material of the sweater was. It was thick and soft. I would recommend this top. A+++++

At the end of the month I will be traveling so I am excited to share my Fashion with you Lovelies. Stay tuned for more exciting things!

Until next time.




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