Hello 2015!

Hello Lovelies!

First let me apologize for waiting this long to post a blog for you guys. Aside from Christmas and heading into the New Year, I personally was lazy. I am not going to lie. I stuffed my face and enjoyed spending time with my family as I am sure many of you did as well.

I am happy that it's a New Year. Time to start my resolutions. Which does include going to the gym. I stuffed my face to much during this wonderful holidays that now I need a serious detox.

Yesterday I stepped outside and was so surprised by the weather. It was 63 degrees in January! Talk about crazy. Although today is very cold and now I am getting sick. I opted for something casual to give my purse all the attention. Besides black you all know that my second love is for neutral colors.

I have been also opting for comfort and casual lately. Could be the cause of me being slightly coming off of my holiday sluggish-ness. Also it was raining non-stop for the last couple of days. So, I will hangup the heels and pick a pair of combat boots or over the knee boots.


Jeans--Forever 21

Scarf-- Macys

Purse--Micheal Kors


I have now become a little obsessed with purses as well. I used to hate purses and always carried everything in a small wallet. Now I cant get enough. My outfits main detail was my purse. I love it and cant get enough.

Will forever be obsessed with combat boots. I bought these at Macys on sale! I love the details on the side. The pocket actually opens. I stuffed a $20 in there once and forgot it was in there. Talk about emergency money. They certainly come in handy. Now that I am not lazy anymore. I will go back to posting 2-3 times a week! I am so excited to see what the rest of the year has in store for me and don't forget all the surprises that I have for all of you Lovelies!

Until next time!


IMG_0226 1





IMG_0228 1



  1. loving this look! obsessed with your purse as well!!!

  2. What happened to the other blog?! i like this one better though. keep working hard!

  3. just discovered your blog off of tumblr and glad that i did. keep up the good work