Hello February!

Happy Monday Lovelies!

I came back from my trip from my recent trip to Chicago and I must say ( since it was my first time visiting ) that I enjoyed myself. Obviously minus the snow storm that hit on our last day there. Check out time wasn't until 12 pm but we left really early since there was already 6 inches on the ground. It was insane!

We went to so much fun places in Chicago if it wasn't snowing and super cold I wouldn't want to leave. Although parking was very hard to find on the busy city streets we still had a blast! I unfortunately due to the weather couldn't take photos of my outfits ( wore beanies like every day ) it was just so cold I didn't feel like standing outside whilst the snow was falling.

But of course you know I had to go shopping! Whenever I travel I always go shopping. ( Will be posting a haul post ) I got alot of cute goodies!

With the end of January ( and my birthday ) we now enter the month of Love ( Valentines Day ) I have already seen other bloggers already posting Valentines Day Outfits and then theres me who hasn't even been thinking about Valentines Day. Shows how much of a girl I am haha. I like Valentines Day but I never really plan out the cutest outfit for the day. Since I am getting more into blogging I think it's time I actually go find the perfect outfit and look my best.

If you Lovelies missed it or have been to lazy to read. Here's a recap of my looks for the lovely winter month of January. * Since I started this blog in January from my old blog everything is going up* HAHA.

I can't wait to show you guys all the amazing things I have for you guys for this Month! The Month of Love! So make sure you subscribe to see all the things I have stored for you guys.

Until Next Time!

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