My Boyfriend Look!


Hello Lovelies

Happy Monday! I know that everyone dreads the ending of their amazing weekend. I normally hate Mondays. Then again which sane person does right? So, finally got over being sick JUST to get sick again. Being sick and trying to maintain my blog is actually harder than I thought it was going to be.

I have been seeing sweaters over dress shirts for awhile now but I never actually tried it until today. To be honest I thought this look wouldn't look right on me. Well needless to say I was totally wrong. I absolutely loved this look. And again stealing my boyfriends clothing to make it happen. I was so comfortable and the weather was actually working with me today. Also I was rocking my brand new haircut as well. Officially the very FIRST blog post with my new shorter hair. When I first decided to chop it to a pixie it was still somewhat long but I am LOVING the job my hairstylist did on me. Kudos to her.

Sweater -- H&M

Trousers -- H&M

Fedora -- Forever 21

Sunnies -- Sunglasses Hut

Bag -- Zara

Shoes -- Adidas

Jewelry -- Gifted

This will probably trump my normal go-to casual look. Especially with the cold weather still knocking at our doors here. With this boyfriend look, I wanted to keep everything basic. A mixture of dark colors and grey wearing minimal to no jewelry was my choice. As you Lovelies know I love opting for baggy over a tight-fitting majority of the time. I love the pleasure of comfort and even looking fabulous at the same time.

Valentine's Day is right around the corner ( 5 Days ) and I am really excited to share my Valentine's Look with you all. Coming up soon. Not to worry my Lovely readers I will be posting it up before Valentine's Day to give you guys last-minute inspiration. I myself have been looking at other bloggers and seeing their inspirations and their posts which is giving me inspiration myself. I want to step out of the box and show you guys something new and fresh and so me!

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Until Next Time Lovelies!


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