Monday Blues X Part 2

Hello Lovelies!

Happy Monday! Most people incorporate Mondays with the word blues and I know that I was one to say something as well when I was working on Mondays! Now since I don't work Mondays I still decided to write a post based off the very popular Monday Blues name. For all of my new readers who are just now tuning in; first let me say 'WELCOME' secondly I already styled a 'Mondays Blues' look so if you want to check it out feel free to venture off to my older blog posts! I decided why not style another one to my new minimal style preference and I was absolutely loving the outcome.

Along with the color black and white; the color blue is becoming more of a staple color in my closet. I find myself reaching for denim all the time! The different hues of blue just make me dance on the inside. At this very moment the main colors in my wardrobe are black, white, blue with a hint of grey ( which is growing everyday ). To me the styling options are so limitless and I love it. Yes I am using the word love! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

For this look I actually saw these wide legged pants in the store and I thought to myself yeah I can see myself wearing them but when I actually got them home I was stumped. NOTHING looked right with these pants and they found themselves being hung on a hanger and not worn ( tags were still on ). I was thinking about returning them but there was something about the pants that were different so I really wanted to try style them. Challenge Accepted right?

Adding sneakers to this outfit was the icing on the cake. Even though I like wearing heels, but nothing beats the comfort and style of sneakers. I am also thinking about investing in another pair of these bad-boys! Colored? Simple? To me that is all based on my mood and what catches my eyes. Although I do know that I find myself wanting the black and white pair so badly.

Top : Forever 21

Bottoms : Forever 21

Shoes : Adidas

Sunglasses : Outlet in Miami ( similar )

Clutch : Forever 21

Jewelry : American Eagle

I know that I said I was considering doing a haul post for this month, but seeing as though the month is basically over I think I am going to just start in June! Sorry to all the Lovelies who requested it! I promise I will do it next month! So, the first surprise that I wanted to share with you guys was ......... I got my nose pierced! It was a very exciting and last minute thing for me to do with my friends but I am glad I did. Makes me feel like a badass who can take over the world! Now to work up the strength in getting a tattoo! Who knows I might be showing one off too you guys pretty soon! All the reason to stay tuned in to my blog! I love you all :) <3

Until Next Time Lovelies! <3























  1. The wide leg pants are so banging on trend right now. I haven't got a pair yet, because I'm not sure how suitable they would be for my petite size, but I have to admit that these look stunning on you!

    Lu |

  2. Thank you love! To be honest I felt the same way but when I tried them on I fell in love with them! The hard part was styling them but once do it becomes easier and you will want too wear them all the time!!