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I am bringing you Lovelies something exciting!

It has been about a week now but I was asked to become part of an amazing opportunity and I couldn't say no. I mean who could right?
Anyways with that being said I have teamed with with an amazing website called Mirina Collections. I recently becam…

Halloween Sale

Happy Halloween Lovelies!
Which do you prefere? Tricking or Treating?
Need some last minute inspiration or couldn't find a costume?
SheIn is having a Halloween sale and Lovelies who doesn't love sales?
Plus it's also Free Shipping. Yes, free shipping! I know that I am a sucker for free ship…

Wednesday Lust List IX

When I find new Online Clothing stores that are affordable I always want to share them with you Lovelies! So, here are some of the items that caught my eye when I was browsing the website!
Round Sunnies: Love Street
Lace-Up Flats: Love Street
Faux Septum Ring: Love Street
Black Fedora: Love Street

Pajama Chic

Fashion is about and has been about making a statement. What better way to make a statement than wearing pajamas? If it's comfortable and I can see myself wearing it numerous times then it is a keeper! I was a bit skeptical about these pants but like I said in my last blog post " trying…

Weekly Thoughts VIII

I have been so busy lately that I haven't really gotten the chance to write out my weekly thoughts overview! So, this one is going to be 2 weeks bundled into this post. Bare with me Lovelies cause this might be a little long.
News: Good news! I recently became a Brand Ambassador for an amazing w…

Wednesday Lust List VIII

I love finding new and affordable websites to shop from!
As many of you Lovelies know I have transformed my wardrobe into a Minimalist wardrobe. I got rid of ALL of the items that I knew I was never going to be wearing again and replaced them with things I know I would constantly wear. This my dear …

The Perfect Platform Oxfords

When you find the perfect pair of platform shoes!
I have always been a little skeptical about platform shoes. Reason being I didn't really find a pair that was for me. My friends and I went shopping ( which is not surprising ) and we came across these Platform Oxfords. Maybe it was because the…

Over The Knee

Fall means Oversized Sweaters, Over The Knee Boots, Camel Coats and Fedoras. I am ever so excited to be building my Fall Wardrobe that I know I can wear again and again. Investing in key staple pieces is the best way to go.
Here's another crazy " Inspiration Board " that I put together…

Wednesday Lust List VII

Hello Lovelies and Happy Lust List Wednesday! I always get seriously excited coming up with Lust List ideas for you all! I never understood why I can never steer away from black. It's such a versatile colour. Something so simple but yet so lovely. I should be getting sick of black since I have …

Purple Lovin

It's Fall and I couldn't be happier!
I have mentioned on more than one occasion that Fall is by far my favorite season! I have also listed out the reasons why it is my favorite season. Seeing as though Fall officially started a few days ago. ( I have my blog posts queued up in advance )

Camel , Camel and More Camel

So, I have a thing for messy " Inspiration Boards ". For some reason it can never be neat. I think it drives me crazy when it's neat.
I was browsing on Pinterest and came across these photos which caught my eye. I have had a thing for anything Minimal and Camel for awhile and these coa…

Wednesday Lust List VI

Last week I posted my Lust List " Shoe Addition " this time as you Lovelies might have guessed from the photo that this post is about " Bag Addition "
I think I have been lusting over bags more than I have shoes which is kinda new for me! I normally tend to pick shoes over bags. …


Intro to Fall? I think yes!
I have been literally begging Mother Nature to make Fall come quickly this year. Whilst she hasn't complies with my demands just yet, she did bless us with cooler nights. Now she just needs to match the days with the nights and I will be a happy camper!
Time to bust ou…

Weekly Thoughts VII

News: Woohoo Sunday! It only means another " Weekly Thoughts " post! So, for news unfortunately we were hit with an " Hurricane " this past weekend. I would say more like week. We went from having beautiful warm weather to having complete shit weather. It was raining and you could hear the wind hitting up against the window. Who needs AC when your apartment was already an icebox?

September Recap

In case you Lovelies missed out. Hers a recap of September. You get to check out my "Last Summer Outfits" as well. Now that were in Fall were actually about to get hit by a hurricane and it has been raining and severely cold for the last couple of days.
Since I haven't been able to tak…

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