A Grey Kind Of Day

Last day in November!
I live for my simple monochrome looks. I have said this literally 1,000 times and I personally think  le boyfriend is tired of hearing me say it. It's so much easier to style monochromatic simple outfits.
I literally put this outfit together in 5 minutes and was abl…

Make A Statement

I love love love statement necklaces! Along with my fedora collection , my statement necklace collection is growing as well.
So, you know I obviously had to show off my awesome new baby. Yup that's right I said baby. LOL.
A few posts ago I mentioned that I became a brand ambassador for an on…

The BlueNetwerk Brunch

Instagram works in mysterious ways. In my case a very good way. A local YouTuber  named Amanda from @shopbcd reached out to me and invited me to a Bloggers Brunch. Crazy I know but who knew that using hashtag #DCblogger would connect me to some amazing ladies that are all in my area!
I sure didn&#…


Who doesn't love dressing up for good causes? Join me tonight as I will be attending an formal event sponsored by Reebok. I get to break out my best all noir outfit which you Lovelies know is no problem for me and my never ending noir wardrobe.

This event is hosted by JBC Events ( check out thei…

Winter Coat Lust List

As the weather is getting colder and colder. I find myself in search of the perfect winter coat or coats! You canNEVER have too many winter clothing.
I love coats! Especially large boxy cuts. So, it is easy to move around in and it isn't too tight. I feel like I am suffocating in tight winter co…

Burgundy Leather

Rich Hues are surely making a bold approach into my classic wardrobe.
This faux leather beauty definitely caught my eye as I was window shopping with my sister and my boyfriend.
It was to amazing to pass it up so I found my size and nearly sprinted to the check out line. Of course I had to wear i…

Wednesday Lust List XII

Another colourless lust list inspiration post!
Have been obsessing over H&M lately. Can you blame me?

Wool-Blend Boucle Coat
Wool-Blend Cable Knit Hat
Skinny High Ankle Jeans
Jersey Top
Shoulder Bag With Tassle
Triangle Bra
Lined Chelsea Boots

Red Converse

Red Converse all on the concrete..

If you've ever heard the song " Red Lipstick " by Rihanna I guess you can say my opening sentence was inspired by her song. Not really really the song I just love the line " Red Lipstick all on the paper ".
Monochrome outfits have become…

Weekly Thoughts X

Sunday Funday! I am currently attending a " Bloggers Brunch " so this blog post was written in advance. Sorry Lovelies.
News:This past week has been what I would like to call shitty. The week started off great but for some odd reason I ended up catching an eye infection. Which completely s…

Wednesday Lust List XI

Monochrome is life.
Who needs a life of colour when I prefere living in black and white? Another lust list post with items from H&M! Besides Forever 21 I am slowly relying on my wardrobe fixes at H&M.

Rib-Knit Cardigan
Key Ring
Jersey Top
Skinny High Ankle Jeans
Small Bucket Bag
Suede and Leather …

Light Layers In DC

There's something about the change in the leaves that puts me at peace.
On random days I love venturing into DC just to walk around and play tourist. On rare occasions I walk past the White House on my way to my secret DC hideout. ( Which is in the wide open ) It is definitely more peaceful in…

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