Weekly Thoughts IX

So, as I have the time to properly sit down and write my " Weekly Thoughts " post out. I feel as if there is alot that I really want to get off of my chest and off my mind. The real question is....would you listen?

News: I have been looking up flight tickets for the past week now! I really want to take a spontaneous trip. Turn off my phone and hop on a plane. Getting away for awhile would be nice. Not to mention for your mental health. So, make sure that you guys stay tuned for that cause who knows where I will go!

I also got invited to 2 events this month and I am really excited for them. Time to start planning outfits and getting my extra battery for my camera ready!

Plans: My Mums birthday is coming up. I am the worst when it comes to finding gifts for people but alas my Mum is very easy to shop for. It is needless to say that I got my shoe and bag obsession from her. Whenever she comes over she goes straight to my walk-in wardrobe. It's like she is shopping in my wardrobe...

Shopping: I have 1 outfit for my first event already planned out. Now I just need to get my other outfit for my second event. The first event I can bring a guess. So, I guess you can say I am looking forward to it.

Watched: I just recently re-watched the entire 6 seasons of " The Nanny " with Fran Drescher! When I was a kid I really loved this show. She was my fashion inspiration and I forgot how much she inspired me when I was a kid. This show will forever be one of my favorites.


Favorite Song: If you were me by Roh Jihoon

Video Of The Week:


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