Weekly Thoughts XI

News: So after my very last weekly thoughts post I have been skimping on these posts. Mainly because there were some events that I attended and new people that I met ; so instead of the usual Sunday Weekly Thoughts posts I decided to share those posts instead.

It's so surreal that we are already in December! Like I mentioned in my November recap post. I have so many exciting things coming up which includes Lelondonchic turning 1! I really cannot believe it! 1 already! Time has literally been flying.

Plans: I am planning an photo shoot for my blog tunring 1. Outfits are in works, I don't really have to worry about my hair ( maybe except a quick trim ) I am making sure that every little detail is planned out to the fullest. Can you tell that I am that excited about it?

Christmas is also approaching! Ugh I am not sure if I should be excited or very nervous. I love gifts. I mean who doesn't. Plus I also need ideas for my birthday. I literally habe no idea what I want to do. Help me!

Shopping: The only shopping that I will be doing is Christmas shopping. I am such a last minute shopper. Ugh it is the worst but I do find that I work well under extreme pressure. I cannot be the only last minute shopper out there.

Although I am looking for the perfect Christmas, New Years Eve and Birthday outfits! There is alot to plan for and I am beyond ready!

Watched: I have been binge watching The Nanny on Youtube again. Mainly because Netflix is slacking and they need to have all 6 seasons on there already.  That is one show that I can watch over and over. Netflix please add it! Wishing and hoping.

Song of the Week: All I have been hearing lately on the radio is Christmas Songs and they even played Let it Go from Frozen!

지금 우린 by VIXX

has been on a constant repeat! I love the R&B feel of the song.

Video of the Week:


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